Vector-Smart-Object-copy Access Systems

Vector-Smart-Object-copy Access Control

Access systems allow you to control who is allowed to enter your building and when. Whether you have one door or multiple doors to protect we employ the latest technology to keep you and your buildings secure.

Choose from a variety of systems, including:

  • Entry phone systems.
  • Token controlled doors, where tokens can be issued to allow access (and easily barred from the system if lost).
  • Pin controlled doors, where codes can be issued and changed as often as needs be.
  • Doors set to lock or unlock at designated times.
  • Flexible control over access, i.e. giving full access to all areas to some and access to only certain areas to others.
  • Video technology.

All our access systems are fully compliant with the highest industry standards & regulations. Please contact us for more information & a free quotation.

Vector-Smart-Object-copy Access Control Systems

An access control system allows you to control who has access to your premises. Access control systems can operate any door, gate or barrier system and they are available in various installations such as telephone and video entry systems or computer-controlled systems operated by magnetic cards or proximity readers.

These security systems can be installed in a variety of premises such as in domestic premises, offices, factories and industrial sites, schools and colleges, hospitals, care homes, churches and hospitals. An access control system can also be connected to Building Management Systems.

Frank Alarms install and maintain a wide range of access control systems to suit your specific site and provide a safer and more secure environment for you and your employees.

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