Vector-Smart-Object-copy The Dream Team


coma  A man that names his company after himself must be good, thankfully Frank is. With over 40 years’ experience in the security industry, if Frank can’t fix or install an alarm; then it must mean the alarm is faulty. Frank has successfully built up Frank Alarms since 2010 and today is as passionate about his industry as he was all those years ago. A husband, father and grandfather, Frank enjoys nothing more than being with his two main loves in life… Ava Carmen (granddaughter) and Ollie the Dog (see below).   coma


coma   After getting over the frustration of the business not being called ‘Beth’s Alarms’, Beth has been the back bone of Frank Alarms since the start. Wife to Frank, she makes sure work and home life is exactly how she wishes, and we all get on board with this… we have no choice. Beth runs the office exceptionally well and her customer service and pride in work is second to none. She LOVES a ‘red care’ and loves nothing more than spending time with her favourite son Christopher..   coma


coma  We call him the ‘silent alarm assassin’. Never the one to talk too much, as his entire focus and energy is dedication to mastering the arts of alarm systems. A fantastic, invaluable member of the team and share holder since the start, Daniel is the firm favourite with the customers due to his diligence, worth ethic and capabilities.   coma


coma  The youngest son of Frank and Beth, and the runt of the Rivera litter. Nick joined the family business in 2012 and has shown everyone that ‘alarms’ is in his blood. The heir to the throne (so he says) Nick loves nothing more than working with his family.   coma


coma  Enrico runs ‘Frank Keyholding’ and does a great job at doing so. Relatively new to Frank Alarms, but due to his winning looks and personality, has quickly become an essential in the new Keyholding business. We think he has a ‘thing’ for Diana.   coma


coma  Steve is our part time service engineer – Sandra brought him into the business to bring some Hollywood Glamour to the office… although this sadly isn’t the case, Steve is still a respected member of the team.  coma


coma  Anooja, aka ‘A-NEW-JAR’ joins as Beth’s right hand woman. A beautiful woman inside and out who bleeds red, white and blue for the cause (Frank Alarms colors, not USA). We can’t fault her work effort or passion but, she is on a final warning for her unhealthy obsession with the gorgeous Chris, the rightful heir to the business.  coma


coma  We call her the ‘Italian Stallion’ (not to her face). Diana works closely with Beth, Sandra and Hillary in running the office and the alarm engineers. Diana has two beautiful daughters and her laugh is known around North London… and beyond.  coma


coma  Milan, words cannot describe this man. IT Manager, Systems Manager, Web Site Manager. The real manager of Frank Alarms… without the salary or job title.   coma


coma  Happy, helpful and chatty. That’s all we want.   coma


coma  Down to Earth, cheeky, unflappable coma


coma  Fearless, brave and stealth. No fuss, just how we like it.   coma


coma  Respectful and hardworking. He treats our clients home as his own  coma


coma  Digital Marketing Director, problem solver, comedian and part time male model.  coma


coma  The office dog. Is treated as a human, and rightly so. Frank and Beth’s ‘child they always wanted’… due to his loving nature and obedience. Don’t worry if he barks at you, it’s all a front… ask Ava  coma